Welcome to my website. Please take a look at the work I have done over the years on my blog, some pictures from my travels and a little more info about me. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many fantastic people within the international film industry and have made some life-long friends too. I’m passionate about sound quality, creative sound design and new media technologies. With my background in Electronic Engineering and sound, coupled with my experience as Dolby’s Senior Film Sound Consultant, travelling the world, I know how to achieve great sound for film from sound concepts to surround mixing, from controlled monitoring environments to cinema standards and formats. I also understand how sound behaves in a given environment and how we perceive sound:

– you should never under estimate the importance of a calibrated mix studio and cinema. There are worldwide standards within the film industry that have to be correct for your film to sound the same wherever you go. This is what I strive for, universal standards in both studios and cinema worldwide –

I offer a range of film sound consultancy services including; new studio/cinema specification, installation and alignment, measurement of studio/cinema acoustics, sound mentoring, lecturing and training internationally as well as using my extensive knowledge to guide your production though sound post, supervising you film sound.

You can follow me @SoundConsultant and I look forward to working with you to achieve high quality monitoring, a controlled and calibrated environment for your mix enabling you to create great sound for your projects.