Hannah Entwistle-Jones – Partnerships Leat at Screenolgy“Mark has appeared on a feedback panel for us at Screenology Film School in 2021, engaging students to understand how to pitch their film projects to investors. He is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful and I would certainly recommend him as a contributor. A delight to work with.”



Rhys Maitland-Jones – Studio Manager at Pip Studios“Mark is extremely professional and efficient , with a great eye for detail. The positivity and enthusiasm he brings to the team can really be felt. Always a pleasure to work with Mark.”




Shaun Jones – Vice President at Cineworld Cinemas“I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark Kenna for many years, he is so extremely passionate about the industry and the film exhibition experience, a true ambassador for the industry. I thoroughly enjoyed supporting him with the release of Sacrilege here in the UK. He has boundless energy and enthusiasm and always contributes well giving 100% to everything he does., his technical and sound insight is second to none.”


Ray Gillon – Owner at G-Minor/Dubbing Version Producer for Warner Bros“I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark Kenna and observing his progress, skills and knowledge for a good number of years. He is punctual, personable and keeps himself very up to date on many angles in the world of film production, having come from a very highly esteemed background. His ventures into production come as no surprise. Why have all that know how and not use it?”



Kasper Val (Bjerregård) Larsen – Head of Department at The Norwegian Film School“Mark is one of the most conscientious people I know. He will put in the effort and the hours to get the job properly done, always with a particular control of the essential details.”



Tore Teigland  – Head of Music Production at Westerdals Oslo ACT [NORWAY]“I have only good experiences from working with Mark and can highly recommend him for anyone looking for someone with his expertise.”



NordiskEgmontPål A. Svennevig – Technical Manager at Nordisk Film Shortcut AS [NORWAY]“Marks extensive experience & attention to detail is tremendous. I hired Mark to align (eq, gain-stage etc.) our sound design rooms & sound mix cinema. Mark delivered his services at the best of the industry & surpassed my highest expectations. I can highly recommend Mark for if you ever need your sound post productions rooms properly tuned & aligned. On top of all, he’s a great guy!”


thegirlwiththedragontatPeter Schultz – Supervising Sound Editor, Founder & Owner CosmoTone [DENMARK]“I have known and worked with Mark for over 10 years. His engagement, in depth knowledge, and wonderful personal attitude is a pleasure to be with, and a benefit for all who work with him.”



BFM2Tiina Andreas – Sound Designer/Studio Manager at Film Audio Sound Studios [ESTONIA]“I had the pleasure of meeting Mark last year in Estonia. He was giving a master class to students at Baltic Film and Media School. Also he provided excellent film sound consultancy services at Film Audio sound studios and measurement of acoustics services in the local art house cinema. I truly admire his knowledge and professional character. He demonstrated high degree of motivation, professional knowledge, and enthusiasms. He is truly talented and hard-working sound professional with a nice sense of humour. He was definitely a great role model for students and inspired them to great heights. It was a pleasure to work with him. Hopefully we will have a chance to collaborate again in the future! I would happily recommend Mark as Film Sound Lecturer.”


Gisle Tveito – Post-production Manager at Storyline Studios AS [NORWAY]“Mark is a very skilled audio engineer that I had the pleasure working with a number of times. He is also a pleasant guy to spend time with, so every job have been a joy!”



sounddesigngeorgeGeorge Faskiotis – Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer [GREECE]“The first time I met Mark, was back in 2000 in PPV studio, Athens, during a film mastering. I was amazed by his knowledge on every aspect of sound and not only for films! Mark is an extremely skilled technician and highly experienced! He has a talent on solving problems, very communicative, great sense of humour, always giving 110% but above all, he has a damn good pair of ears! (Remember that M&E from Ice Age!!!) Since then, we’ve worked along on many productions for the Greek film industry. His detailed view on things and his knowledge expertise, ensure a successful collaboration on all levels! Always pleased when I had the chance to work with Mark and I’m sure, every sound technician on every Dolby mixing stage in Europe says the same thing!”


Richard White – Innovations Manager at Wiltshire College [ENGLAND]“Mark was a member of the professional team supporting a group of young filmmakers to produce 3 short films. Great advice and on the spot support on location and in post production. Quick builder of effective and supportive relationships.”


sound-mixing-deskManos Govatzidakis – Sound Engineer/Technical Consultant [GREECE]“Mark is an extremely high skilled and talented person with a next to none attitude, ethics and knowledge – miss those days.”



EACOnlinePosterRob Holder – Director, Agent Pictures [ENGLAND]
“Dreambase studios carried out all the audio post production for my feature film ELIMINATE: Archie Cookson. I cannot recommend them highly enough. From expert knowledge, excellent communication to great creative thinking and punctual delivery; it doesn’t get any better than this. If you need more convincing to use these guys, email me and I will give you a phone book sized tome of other points.”


Julian Pinn – Director of Cinema Marketing (EMEA) at Dolby Europe Limited [ENGLAND]“Mark is a legend and well known throughout Europe’s film post-production industry as the guy everyone loves to have around and the guy who will put his 100% into ensuring his knowledge and experience makes all the difference. And Mark’s 100% is way more than most people’s 100%; where his endless supply of energy, enthusiasm and ideas come from is a mystery. Having Mark on your team or on your project will make for a pleasurable experience and quality result.”


Alex Hudd – Owner and Sound Engineer, Dreambase Studios Limited [ENGLAND]“Mark has excellent attention to detail along with a comprehensive knowledge in his field of work. He possess a keen sense of humour and is always ready to help out effectively in any situation.”