I provide technical and creative sound services for the film industry. I work with film sound studios, cinemas and film schools worldwide, offering advice, knowledge and experience. I offer consultancy for new studio installations, electro-acoustic alignment of studios and cinemas, overseeing the sound post production on film projects and 5.1 mastering for Digital Cinema. I can guide you and your team through 5.1 sound for film and have experience in running workshops, seminars and sound mentoring for film sound worldwide.


I currently offer the following services worldwide:

* Align & Calibrate New/Existing Studio/Cinema Installations

* Troubleshooting on-going Studio/Cinema Issues (including room acoustics)

* Independent Analysis of Sound Mix/Pre-Mix Studio/Cinema with Report. 

* QC and Mastering 5.1/7.1/Atmos for Digital Cinema

* Workshop for Film Sound Students with Studio/Cinema Sound Assignment

* Sound Post Production Supervision


Please click on my portfolio for examples of projects I’ve been involved with and do get in touch if you would like to check and improve your studio, cinema, or film school sound.