Studio Alignment at Tonemestrene – Denmark

Tonemestrene Studio, CopenhagenAfter working with so many of the sound mixers in Scandinavia over the past 15 years as Dolby’s senior Consultant, it was great to see Rune Palving, Peter Albrechtson and the team at Tonemastrene, Copenhagen this year. Rune contacted me beforehand asking for advice, setting up their new studio for pre-mixing theatrical mixes. The room met minimum Dolby requirements with some discussion over surround placement and acoustics. The room did take a while to work, but the end result, with the JBL/Crown combination was superb. The low frequencies behaving, minimal reflections and more importantly, really good translation between larger rooms.

“I’ve done a couple of mixes there and it translates great, indeed. Thanks so much for your excellent work, Mark” – Peter Albrechtsen | @lydrummet