Way Creative Studios – Sweden

filmsoundconsultant169I was commissioned to set up a new pre-mix room for theatrical mixing in Malmo, south Sweden. They had installed Genelec 1038B, 3-way speakers for the screen channels & were using 8050’s for their surround channels, with a 7071A for a dedicated LFE channel. After adjusting the low/mid/high on the 1038B’s & using minimal EQ in the Ashley Protea system II, the system was tuned to the x-curve, setting the reference level to 85dBC SPL. Note, the in-band level of the LFE should be +10dB in-band gain when referenced to the centre channel. The room had been well designed & the ratio was close to ideal, minimising room nodes & standing waves. The room also satisfied the Dolby requirements, with a minimal distance from the screen channels of 5M, also behaving well at low frequency with minimal EQ applied. The RT60 was very controlled for a room of this size, especially at low frequency & as always with smaller rooms, it’s important to add the correct delay into the surround channels. This can make a significant difference to the weight of the surround mix and therefore, typically cause a lower surround mix if set incorrectly, resulting in loss of surround presence in larger theatres.